On the dangers of ritual magic

Wiccan five elements 1
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On another thread I talked about my concerns about the magic used in rituals, saying that it was the only thing that really stopped me from joining the Wiccan path because I felt uneasy about it because of my fear of working with energy and the probability of attracting things.

The fears come from another Spanish forum (which isn’t really active anymore) where I read that obviously you have to be careful (it was nothing dramatic, nor exagerated). Some of the things mentioned were that maybe in the first rituals because of the new amount of concentrated energy focused in a spot it could attract (because of curiosity) some kind of not that good beings.
Also other things mentioned were that you could feel your heart racing (not in a good way, and probably because that person was working with more than he could at that time), a lot of heat that could make you dizzy, or even pass out.

I know most of the things I just said probably aren’t the usual, and happen rarely but I’m a really nervous person and I never liked to feel strange sensations through my body because they make me feel anxious.

Opened this thread because Jenett, very kindly, offered to expand a bit more on the topic. Feel free to change the title, didn’t really know how to name it.

Thank you, really appreciate your help.