OCD and spiritual practice

If you suffer from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) have you had this affect your spiritual practice?  Do you have any particular coping skills?

This is one of the more minor things I struggle with, but my obsessions tend to revolve around religion, and it started in childhood with thinking random and completely harmless behaviors were sinful.  I overcame that, but it reemerged in my brief journey into Catholicism which was also precipitated by obsessions.

From time to time when I have become particularly obsessed I’ve tried returning to Catholicism, and it has always been a disaster, but I think I have finally overcome that particular problem since I have been informed during confession that I have fallen under a sentence of automatic excommunication.  I don’t really want to go back after that, though I respect that particular community’s desire to guard its boundaries.

Most of my obsessions have revolved around saying prayers correctly or obsessing over the PERFECT way to pray or perform a ritual.  Thankfully there is a Christian tradition I learned of from Eastern Orthodox friends that no matter how badly one said a prayer, one should not repeat it, and something about being given a rule like that has helped a great deal.

At other times I’ve had theological obsessions that, once the obsessions passed, I realized were quite irrelevant to me and do not bother me in a normal state of mind.

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