Obscure Cultus Masterlist

Hello all,

A lot of my work at the moment is “librarianship”, bringing together other people’s resources in digestible ways.

One thing I’d like to build is an Obscure Cultus Masterpost, (in part, because there’s a Brythonic Pagan Revival blog I found back in the day and now can’t remember). It would include things like the cult of Antinoous and this Romano-Celtic Wicca resource list. Hmmmm there’s someone I know who does Semitic pagan revival, and you may be reading this post right now and thinking “I too am working to revive an incredibly niche, little-remembered divinity”

Every link on it would be to a community, or a useable set of blog-resources (rituals, a reading list), for some gods you’ve never heard of, or who are much neglected. Resources would focus on neo-Pagans reviving these cults, rather than general lists of forgotten names.

The goal would be to celebrate the diversity of neoPaganism, as well as link up seekers with things they may never have considered.

Before I get going on this:

  • Does anyone know of such a list already existing?
  • If so, could this list form the basis of a regularly-updated, crowdsourced effort (as I’m sure such lists have been written, but are no longer being updated or are in blogs which get much traffic)
  • Would anyone be interested on collaborating on this project, either fulltime, or just sending links as and when
    you find them?

A future vision for the project could branch out from just a list,to like, interviews with the people about what they’re doing.

Cheers all x

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