Non Religious Aspects Of Paganism?

I am wondering about Cultural Reconstruction and whether or not it must exclusively be about religion. For example, ancient cultures might be about Craft, Art, Music, Literature/Stories, Martial Art, Food, Drink, Farming, Hunting. I am sure that Religion intersected with these things, but an ancient culture was not just exclusively about Religion, but also had other practices and paths.

My personal focus is largely Celtic. It is certain that not everyone could be a Druid, or would want to be. In these old cultures, there were Warriors, Chieftains, Craftspeople, Hunters, Farmers, Traders, etc. Religion would be a part of their lives, of course, but not the only aspect. Not everyone would have been a Priest, Wise Woman, or Healer.

So, I wonder if various Recon Practices are not just exclusively about reconstructing ancient religions, but also perhaps other ancient folkways as a way of living closer to the Earth and our Ancestors. Maybe practicing other reconstructed aspects of ancient cultures would bring us closer to our religion by embracing other folkways that are not exclusively religious.

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