New Grimoire-thing

So I have ADHD and this means I can never decide how I want to do things. I get very excited about a notebook, but sixty pages in I realize I don’t want to take 200 pages of notes on Tarot cards in that book, or I don’t like the paper color, or now I want to paint meditations on goddesses… or heck, I just lose the notebook, or don’t want to carry three notebooks and a planner around with me, even though I often want to study/journal when not at home.

Well, I had an early birthday, and this is what I got:

It’s called a traveler’s notebook, and it’s the indecisive person’s journalgasm. If you’re not familiar, basically, it’s a cover, and you can add from one to seven or more little notebooks inside, and it’s easy as hell to make your own notebooks.

A lot of people use them as planners. Mine is my planner, but it’s also where I’m going to keep Tarot notes, notes on spells, my goddess work and studies, nature sketches, meditations, other spiritual stuff, etc.

It’s also fat, and I love fat leather-bound notebooks:

It has pooockets!!! (That’s not my info on that card. It’s a card for a yoga studio I picked up somewhere.)

A bit of cover art:

Just thought I’d share! I’m super excited about having a flexible place to keep notes on my practice and spiritual explorations since it’s ever evolving and I have the attention span of a lobster. And I figure if something is working for me, it might work for somebody else. I love the idea of a gorgeous illuminated book where I keep all of my deep magical and spiritual wisdom (that I definitely don’t have at this point), but the odds of me ever completing such a thing are nil and would paralyze me anyway at this point in my spiritual journey. (Btw, the original Midori traveler’s notebooks are kinda expensive, but mine is from Amazon, and if you live in the US Michael’s apparently has a super cheap faux-leather version if you’re poor like me and don’t have a convenient birthday coming up.)