New & curious

Hi! I’m new here. I registered because I would like to share some of my thoughts with people who are interested in discussing religion/paganism.

Something about me:
English is not my mother tongue, so please accept my apologies for any present or future mistakes, I’m trying to get better :)

I’m pagan since I can remember, although I grew up in an European christian convent. My house was in the middle of a forest, so I could really stay in touch with nature since my birth, until my twenties, when I’ve had to move to the city (and it still hurts). I’ve always had a ‘natural’/’prehistoric’/’free’ approach to religiousness (is that a word? well, I hope you understand what I mean) and I don’t follow any kind of specific pantheon (a recognise stories and gods repeat themselves in time and space with different names and details in art and traditions).
Since I was a kid I’ve always been interested in pagan religions and history/archaeology in general, so I studied to become an archaeologist. Recently I had occasion to study some religious prehistoric European art and it re-sparked my curiosity about all the different acts possible to ‘be religious’ and, as I’m learning recently reading forums, all the different labels that exists to differentiate them. I’ll be explaining myself better when I post my direct question.

thank you :)

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