Needed: Recommendations for Spell Books and Other Things

Looking for spellbooks, mythology (from anywhere, as long as it is as accurate to the culture in question as possible) books, reference books, history books (preferably ones that roughly pertain to mythology and religions of the time), herbology books (especially pacific northwest or BC specifically, can be well done magic ones or just botanical), and fairy tale and folklore books. Also interested in spiritual or philosophical texts (primary or textbooks).

I’m also always open to literature suggestions (steep me in allusions!) and to high fantasy and stuff, but spellbooks, lore books, and history, in that order, are my main priorities.

My collection of relevant items includes: Judika Ilkes’ 5000 Spells, Cunningham’s Encuclopedia of Herbs, Beyerl’s Master Book of Herbalism and a few stray herbal references. I also have the Element Encyclopedia of Secret Signs and Symbols and of Magical Creatures. I have Orientalism (Said) on the history/philosophy side.

I especially am looking for decent spell books and non-secular ‘practice’ books (eg working on meditation, household charms, etc), so if all that extra detail was boring, just go with those.

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