Nature Doesn’t Love You, Abrahamic God Does

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I stumbled across this on a Catholic website, and as one whose paganism is firmly rooted in the natural world, I was struck by it on several levels:

FORUM: Mother Nature Is One Unreliable Lady

“And the consistent Biblical message is that this Creator God is not like the arbitrary and capricious gods of the ancient world; rather, he is reliable, rock-like in his steadfast love, more dedicated to human beings than a mother is to her child”

…to which one immediate reaction on my part was: Is he nuts?? Has he read the Old Testament? Just off the top of my head (and I know the Christian bible poorly at best)–the story of Noah and the great flood, in which his god kills virtually all of humanity, not to mention the rest of land-based life; that’s a “consistent Biblical message” of a god “rock-like in his steadfast love”??

I read this quickly, so I want to go back and read it more carefully to critique it fully, but I’d love to hear others’ specific refutations or, for that matter, affirmations of what the author proposes.

And BTW, I *adore* the ad that the author references and dismisses as “just more tree-hugging extremism”–he might want to get right with his now environmentally minded pope on that bias. I posted something about this ad here at the Cauldron a while ago, but here it is again, for those who are interested:

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