My introduction: with the goal of making friends

How to make friends as an adult? A process that comes as easily to children as breathing, but in my 30s I’m finding it difficult. I’ve managed to finish up my bachelor’s (it only took me 13 years!) and looking around I see that I’ve surrounded myself with excellent study buddies and lab partners and the smartest people I have ever met. But these bonds aren’t likely to last beyond our last, sweet semester together.

I’ve also wandered quite far from my path and now is the time to recommit to a daily practice. I hope to find inspiration here, and answers to those questions of practicality that plauge me as a solitary. But mostly I’m looking for friendships that last. That are built on respect and kindness and love and an understanding that differences are wonderful.

I’ll take a page from my inner 7 year old and ask the question I really want to know.

Do you want to be my friend?

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