Modern Applications of Seasonal Festivals

English: Wheel of the Year with Fire Festivals...
Wheel of the Year with Fire Festivals and Quarter Festivals (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’ve been thinking for a while about having part of my seasonal observances be tied to modern-stuff-that’s-useful.

For example, my birthday falls at the fall equinox, and that would be a *very* sensible time for me to decide, say, to check all of my online profiles and make sure they’re current and saying useful things.

Likewise, at Samhain, it would be a good time for me to review the ‘what happens if I die’ stuff (will, disposition of intellectual property rights, who to tell online if something happens to me, etc.)

Those are things that fit into the cycle of the year, either fairly generally (the Samhain bit) or in an obvious personal way (the fact my birthday falls on the equinox makes the timing a bit simpler.)

But I’m contemplating spreading things out a bit more, too, and I’m curious if anyone does anything like this, has thought of doing anything like, has ideas for useful things along those lines, etc. (I also note I’m working on an 8 Sabbat model, but I’m more interested in ‘stuff and reason for particular association’ than where it ends up falling on the calendar, because some of this is going to be fairly arbitrary.)

Other things I’ve considered:
– reshelving my books in the right places.
– prepping my closet for seasonal changes (which is hard to do precisely, hello, New England, where we have very clear seasons, but when they feel like they’ve changed can vary by 6 weeks.)
– reviewing online privacy settings and related things like that (which I do as an ongoing thing, but where stuff can change without my realising it, or there’s more nuanced options than there used to be, etc.)
– cleaning out my hardrive/online bookmarks/etc. for better usability.
– cleaning out iTunes and my accumulated music and making it easier to sort.
– ditto on the ebooks.
– reviewing my long-term financial planning (retirement, etc. which is mostly automated, but it’s nice to look at it.)

Some of these things are a once a year thing. Some of them are a twice a year thing. Some of them are a ‘do more than that’ (links!) but looking at them closely at least once a year is probably smart.