Merry Meet

Hello. My name is Angus and I consider myself a non-theistic pagan/witch who honors the elements of the earth and the cosmos in space. I somehow meld spirituality with science which takes on my own path. In addition, I have been interested in astronomy every since I was a wee tot. Even though I do have my own altar, I consider my main altar the skies on a clear night. Part of my craft is cartomancy, basically using playing cards as divination as opposed to Tarot cards and also write in my Book of Shadows,which I have named, “The Path of the aether.” I am a bit further on than a beginner, but definately  closer to the 101 level.

Other interests of mine include music (especially playing guitar) and still listen to punk rock at the age of 55. I do listen to other kinds of music too. Also, other hobbies include photography, soccer, writing, calligraphy and craft beer. My home is located in the suburban area of St.Louis, MO.

I do not know many pagans/witches in real life, so this will hopefully be a good communications mechanism.



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