Making Tarot Cards

Tarot cards.
Tarot cards. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Many people make their own runes. Makes sense, since you get much more of a connection with something you made yourself as opposed to something mass-produced you purchased. I’m quite sure the act and spent time creating something adds a lot to its spiritual value, so to say.

So I want to make my own tarot deck as well. Partly because I just cannot afford it, partly because I don’t even trust store-sold decks. What connection do I have to it? None. I would feel much more comfortable with my own cards made from scratch.

I’ve got the bases made, 78 cards, a quite comfortable size; I painted their backsides all the same colour and cut round the corners, etc. Now I am at the fun part – designing.

I have no problems with drawing, it’s something I do a lot. The thing is – all guides to understanding and reading tarot cards are very directly related to the scenes pictured on each card. Most minuscule of the details all seem to be of utmost importance. Am I supposed to just look at a classical deck and redraw all the 78 scenes exactly? I would much prefer using my own symbols and style while still reflecting the message each card is meant to carry. Would this mess the reading up a lot? How important is it really to adhere to all of the symbolic nuances?