Making First Contact (and New-Fangled Communication Methods)

texting photoSo, for those of you who have reached out to make contact with someone – about an event, because you’re looking for a group or a teacher or a mentor, any kind of one on one contact, what method would you use?

What methods would you think are reasonable? What kinds of stuff would you not be willing to share on a first contact? What kind of stuff do you think might be reasonable? What kind of stuff might you not share but you’d understand if someone asked?

(It depends on what you’re asking about – the amount of detail about you someone needs if you want info about a public event is a lot different than if you’re asking about substantial teaching – but feel free to talk about whatever parts of this interest you or is relevant to your own life.)

This question brought to you by the fact I got two text-to-email yesterday to the email address I use for group work stuff, saying, basically “I am a male solitary pagan in [town I live in], I’m interested. Please respond.’

My actual response was, roughly, asking “Can you email [address] with a name I can call you, a brief background on what you’ve done so far and what you’re interested in, and we can go from there?” But I’m trying to decide if my bafflement of someone doing this by text is the fact I mostly don’t text, or something else.

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