Making Deity Figures

Has anybody ever made their own figures of deities for their altar? I ask because I’m having a REALLY hard time finding representations of the gods that draw me that I like. I have a little Cerridwen that I’m extraordinarily fond of and recently picked up a Bast figure (she doesn’t fit into my personal practice, but I have cats, and honoring Bast peripherally seemed right somehow), but I can’t find a Brigid that I like and the Horned God is even more difficult.

Ideas? Brilliant sources for statuary? “I made my own and it worked out well” stories? All would be welcome.

And while I know some people have success with representative objects that aren’t actually figures, I’m a very visual person and would like actual figures.

(And the ideas don’t have to be specifically related to Brigid or the Horned God; I’m still hashing out what this all looks like so any experience would be fine.)

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