Lots of Different Wiccas

Pentagram with a circle around it
(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I feel kind of ashamed to admit it, but: I’m totally baffled by the differences between different types of Wiccans. I’ve been reading through Jennet’s list of definitions of Wicca, and I’m still a bit confused — partly about where the different types of Wiccans get their information/practices from, and also largely about eclectic Wicca.

1. So, obviously definition #1 on Jennet’s page is Trad Wicca. And #2 is also Trad Wicca but not BTW . . . right? And Wiccans in both 1 and 2 are learning from a group, including eventually oathbound materials.

But let’s say someone wants to practice definition #3. Would this then be a person who would study Outer Court materials coming from Trad Wiccans? Or where else would they get info from?

2. What counts as eclectic Wicca? Is it any form of Wicca that draws in non-Wiccan elements, or just things that make a specific point of blending in those elements — Norse Wicca, Tameran Wicca, etc?

As for religions like Norse Wicca: do they tend to be more Norse, or more Wiccan? Like, is it a basically Wiccan structure with Norse names added, or is it more like a Wiccanized form of Heathenry? (Or does it depend so much on the person that that’s impossible to answer?)