Looking the Part?

Okay, I have a gamer daughter, I have a Goth Daughter, I have a well-off but still lifts couches husband.  Their clothes tell me all of this at a glance.  My clothes have been saying, baglady.  To learn the cards, I do a lot of self-readings and it keeps coming up that my outside and inside do not match up well.

Basically, the cards want me to have a makeover and dress outside to reflect who I am.  I have bought some things and I suppose I could go make some makeup.

I was watching a Youtube video about making money doing readings and girl talked about branding.  I think perhaps my guides started getting ideas.  But I have in the past received random acts of charity during the Xmas season because I dressed so poorly before leaving the house.

And so it is that I am on the topic of dressing in a way that is truly stuff I love and reflects my personality.  It all seems so shallow.  And yet I would feel better.  I gained a lot of weight but I can still look like me, the shirt is just bigger.

I am going for a dressy hippy kinda thing.  You could buy it at Belks.  Actually, I got the shirts at Belks and Bell’s Outlet. They are going to Xmas gifts.  I also went on Etsy and got card bags and Lenormand cloth.  If I want to do a reading for someone, I want them to know I care about the cards and this is special to me.

I guess I went a little overboard trying not to be vain.  Or perhaps I was just upset about the weight gain.  It’s odd what you find out when you ask the cards.

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