Looking for Novels about Pagan Families

Reading (process)

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Does anyone know of novels about Pagan families? To be specific, I am looking for coming-of-age novels that happen to be about Pagan families and/or children.

I ask because I’ve read many that happen to be about Christian families, Jewish, Muslim, even Atheists, but I’ve never read one about a family that happens to be of pagan faith. I don’t mean it to be a major part of the story, but simply for it to be a background thing, a character element. I’ve read many times “after we came home from church,” or “After Billy finished his Quran reading,” “When she got home she unwrapped the scarf around her head” “After dad thanked Jesus for dinner”.

But never once have I read “After thanking Old Horny” or “As I prayed to the Triple Goddess, I thought” or “The pyre for Thor was great, then we”, “she took the pentacle necklace off before getting in the bath,” Anyway, I think I’ve made my point. Same with many Asian religions as well, by the way, but I won’t get into that for now.

So does anyone know of a book along the lines I’ve stated?

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