Looking ahead to Up All Night 2020 for the December solstice

Hello all,

Hope everyone had a very special June solstice and looking forward to the September equinox.

Existing members (at least those who’ve been here for over 6 or so months) will recall that the December solstice is a special occasion here at The Cauldron.  This is because TC holds its biggest event of the year: Up All Night, A Technopagan Solstice Celebration.  And if you’re new, then we’d like to make you aware of this event, because it’s always well worth joining in the revels (or, for some, it’s more of a vigil) on that day.

This year the event will be from sunset on Sunday, December 20th, to sunrise on Monday, December 21st.

We hope that starting promotion of this now will allow a bit of time for newer members, and those who may’ve been absent for a while, to (re)familiarise themselves with the forum.  Also, to get (re)acquainted with the community ahead of the big night in December.

As well, this gives us a bit of lead time to figure out ways to promote UAN beyond TC’s existing membership.  This thread is the place to present and discuss ideas for that.  We’ve talked about that in previous years, but often had too little time to implement most of the ideas, unfortunately.

Thank you to you Eric (@ehbowen) for having already brought this up previously and made at least one proposal in this thread (and my apologies for not starting this here thread as soon as previously indicated!)

So, put the dates in your diaries, book the time off work &/or whatever else you need.  And get those thinking caps on everyone!   :)

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