Liminal Times

boundary photoA lot of people have traditions where one time or another is perceived as being particularly otherworldly, whether time of year or time of day. (I came across something recently – wish I could remember more details – where apparenty some people thought I’m pretty sure it was Thursdays were particularly liminal. I just… Thursdays? I never could get the hang of Thursdays.)

And of course there’s the different sorts of liminality one can get. The Mysteries of Wesir (Osiris) having a very different sort of edginess than the Days Upon the Year in the Egyptian calendar. (Oh, among the liminal times in the Egyptian calendar: Noon. Because the sun stands still for a little, visually, and they found that kind of creepy. A translation of the famous Dream Stela has a line that reads in part ‘Sleep seized him, a sleep at the time when the sun was at the zenith, and he found the Majesty of this noble god speaking with his own mouth, like the words of a father for his son…’)

My personal favorite is found in the European folkloric survivals around the Ember Days and related stuff – you get things like the Wild Hunt’s appearances, the active nights for the benandanti, and so on on these dates, all indicating some sense of numinous vulnerability from/to the other side.

I could probably natter on tediously about some of this stuff but instead: what’re some other ones people work with? Your favorites?

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