Learning as a paradox?

Thread inspired by, oddly enough, the Mynoise.net website.

There is a soundscape available on there named Anamnesis, and the ‘blurb’ for it reads as follows:-

“To Plato – the ancient Greek philosopher – learning is a paradox: a person can neither learn what he already knows, nor inquire about what is outside the scope of his knowledge.”

It goes on to say: “But what if knowledge was already in our soul from before birth?  Socrates suggests that the soul could be immortal, and repeatedly incarnated. What one perceives to be learning, then, could be actually the recovery of that latent knowledge acquired from eternity, but lost in the trauma of birth. This process, Socrates refers to as Anamnesis.”  So there may be a second thread there, depending on how this one goes.

I’m not much of a philosopher (in fact I’m not sure I could even if my life depended on it) so I’ll likely be just a spectator here.

My challenge to you all is to (tl;dr) discuss the notion apparently put forth by Plato that learning is a paradox   :o

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