Learning About Kemeticism

So my focus has been on Celtic materials mostly, and I am fairly familiar and well-versed in that topic. Like most people, I have a basic familiarity with Greek and Roman pantheons. I could maybe do to learn some more about Northern Traditions.

That said, Egyptian Gods and Goddesses seem a bit foreign to me, kind of exotic. I don’t know much about Kemeticism, but it seems that it is a pretty active type of paganism. I looked briefly at the SIG below in the Cauldron Message Boards. I am interested in learning more about it as a beginner.

Does anyone recommend a main book for beginners? Or a main web site? I do not anticipate that I will use the information for religious practice, but rather to edify myself intellectually and learn about a new topic.

I would also ask those who practice this sort of religion: What drew you to it in the first place? What is the flavor and the meaning of the religion to you? I am interested in subjective and personal ideas about this topic. I just want to get the “feel” of the religion. Thanks.

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