It’s coming–The Cauldron’s Up All Night: A Technopagan Winter Solstice 2013

English: Highworth cemetery at the winter sols...
Highworth cemetery at the winter solstice The shortest day of the year in the northern hemisphere.  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

For those who may not be aware, we have an annual tradition here at The Cauldron of celebrating the December solstice–the longest night of the year in the northern hemisphere–by staying up all night (or *trying* to stay up all night…or just visiting for part of the night!)

We gather here electronically to shoot the breeze, in chat and in a dedicated thread just for that purpose, and pass the hours passing around all kinds of craziness (stories, recipes–the infamous chocolate mug cake!–photos, links we’ve found, and generally how the solstice adventure is progressing in our locale). We usually pick a non-theme around which to loosely organize the event. Last year, with the Mayan deadline looming, was a no-brainer: apocalypse now!

But we need a non-theme for this year! Keep in mind this isn’t anything set in stone; the night of the solstice, people share whatever they want (it’s called a non-theme for a reason). But still, it’s nice to have a jumping off point. So…

…who’s got a great idea for the non-theme for 2013’s edition of Up All Night: A Technopagan Winter Solstice?