Is this what it feels like to connect with a god/dess?

I hope this is the proper place for this post, it seems to “fit” in several but since I am a beginner I thought perhaps best to start here.

If you read my first post, you may remember that I have been a Christian my entire life but have also been experiencing a draw to pagan practices and have had something of a longing to experience a feminine aspect of Deity.

I thought I would find the answer in folk Catholicism, particularly with St. Brigid and other saints I admire, but I recently read a little comment somewhere here on the forums about Frigga and it struck some sort of chord in me.

I began reading more about her and felt a connection that I frankly never have with the Christian saints. I think this is at least party simple psychology. I am currently a stay at home mom and have struggled with that, as it is not entirely by choice. It is what is best for my family, yet I am always a bit embarrassed when people ask me what I do because it doesn’t feel like enough. Yet, here is a goddess of the home. Reading a bit about her changed how I feel about my current role in life. I now think about her often, and I find myself having more energy for keeping my home. I take more pride in my daily tasks instead of just getting through them. I am happier. I am more content. My family is running more smoothly.

I was also more than a little surprised to read on one article that her name means “Beloved,” which of course is my username, chosen before ever knowing anything about her.

Is this what it feels like to start developing a relationship with a god/dess? Or just psychology of finding inspiration in a figure who gives purpose to my current situation?

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