Is this Syncretism?

Syncretism (Photo credit: Drpoulette)

I understand the basic concept of syncretism. Some cultures have had natural interchanges that have resulted in syncretism. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe the Romans and Greeks had this kind of relationship.

I have also seen the word “syncretism” to define paths of individuals who blend different traditions or perhaps worship deities of multiple pantheons, honoring each one according to their own tradition as best as possible.

I wonder if syncretism might describe another combination. Let’s say a person practices a traditional path, like Buddhism, but the person has created other rituals and concepts relevant to hir and has maybe even written rituals and stories for entities that don’t come from any mythology or culture or religion but are based purely on personal experience. These additional beliefs and rituals are added as a supplement and commentary on the person’s religion, creating a worldview complete in itself.

This is largely my own situation. Is this syncretism or is it something else since it doesn’t involve borrowing from other cultural traditions?