Is prayer a form of magic?

I must say I don’t know much about magical practice.  I have read about some folk practices, but not in a great depth, though I seem to remember that some of them involve prayer.  I have not considered magic up to this point to be a major part of my path which is more devotional in focus.  I did some digging on the forum to find a similar topic to this, but haven’t found anything, so if I missed it, my apologies.

I did find a similar discussion on the Internet that yielded some interesting results because people were answering the question I have in mind differently depending on which neo-pagan tradition they were coming from or what their beliefs were, and I would like to see if that happens on this forum as well.  (See this discussion: )

I’m wondering if prayer is a form of magic or if there is a difference between magic and prayer.

While I don’t engage in this type of thing often, I have done some rituals with practical ends in mind that may be considered magical.  I didn’t study magic a great deal to do this other than gathering some inspiration from folk practices, but went by my own intuition.  One thing I did involved putting various objects in a bottle that I painted a certain color, and the objects had symbolic significance.  Then I would shake the bottle to activate all the prayer I had put into it by blessing the various objects and praying over the bottle.

It somehow felt like a magical act if that is the right word, but as with the rest of my practices the act was intensely prayerful and devotional, too.

So is there a firm line between prayer and magic in your opinion or according to your tradition?  Or do the two kind of blur?  If there is a difference, what is the difference?

Could prayer be considered a magical act when it involves mental actions intended to alter the mind or cause change in the self according to your tradition or opinion?

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