Is Druidry Initiatory?

So I thought to post this here because, after a few internet searches, I really couldn’t find much on this.

As someone pointed out in a previous thread, ‘Druidry’ is a pretty broad category/grouping, with a lot of variety and difference between many of the communities within it. Because of that, I have a feeling the answer to the question of initiation will vary masssively depending on community and tradition.

This is supported by what I’ve found so far, where OBOD is an initiatory tradition/community, ADF is an initiatory church and BDO (according to a dm between us) prefer not to initiate their students because they don’t want to exert that level of control over them – instead, they offer a self-dedication ritual as part of their distance-learning course for the student to complete on their own.

The situation is further confused when, looking over several basic-introduction type webpages, books and threads about Druidry, initiation is not mentioned to the same extent or with the same emphasis as, say, the same pages on Wiccan traditions, which is of course highly initiatory. When I looked at the Druid Network’s page ‘How Does One Become a Druid?’, initiation is not mentioned and even when OBOD and BDO are, there isn’t a whole lot of emphasis on their training courses, with the main focus being on private study and practice (which, of course, does involve looking into local groves and reading widely).

I apologise if I’ve got anything wrong here – I’m not a Druid myself, though I am seeking to enter the tradition, hence this thread. So, to what extent is Modern Druidry initiatory? I personally have some hesitation in signing up for OBOD and BDO training, for individual reasons. I know of a local grove, though I’m not sure as of yet how good a fit we are (I’ll find out when I eventually make it to a ZOOM meeting!). I do a lot of reading, which I’ve found huge success with in my spiritual life and I’m now looking at the free resources listed on the Druid Network’s website, which involve a few year-long courses I could take on my own.

Anyway, I’d be really interested to see what people on here think of the question. Blessings and thanks.

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