Interest vs. Plausibility vs. Belief

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 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Recently, I’ve had cause to do some serious self-examination regarding my beliefs and have realized that I’m not sure what it is that I really believe. By that I mean that there are some very basic, nuts-and-bolts type questions that I can’t confidently answer (ex. What do you believe the general nature of deity is?). My problem is that I seem to have difficultly distinguishing between things/ideas that I think are interesting, things/ideas that I find plausible, and things/ideas that I actually really believe in.

So, my questions are: Has anyone else had problems in this area? If so, how do you make the distinction between “Oooh, shiny!”, “Yeah, I can see that…”, and “I definitely believe this.”?

(After reading over this a few times, it occurs to me that I might ought to just call myself an agnostic and be done with it… Except that I don’t think I’ve done enough introspection to firmly say “I don’t know.”, either. Is it possible to be unsure about whether or not one is unsure about something?)

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