Info on posting in ‘Into the Twilight Zone’

The ‘Into the Twilight Zone’ forum is now one larger forum, instead of being split into three child boards. Here is the information you need to decide whether this is the forum you want to post in, and how to use the prefix tags.

This forum is for discussions in areas that traditionally do not do well on a more skeptical/factual based message board like The Cauldron. They have their own area so those who do not wish to even see them can ignore them.

Most typically, posts are placed here when a staff member moves them from one of the other forums. Alternatively, members might post about something boggling they’ve seen elsenet, or start a thread to ask about boggling things others have encountered.

If you want to post about a weird experience that you personally have had, especially if you’re seeking input to help you figure it out, this is probably not the forum to choose to post it in; very few personal experiences are ‘too weird’ to post in other parts of TC, and you’re more likely to get useful replies if you post it based on what sort of experience it was (for example, ghost encounters, odd psi phenomena, and the like would go in Paranormal Phenomena; possible deity interactions fit with Gods, Goddesses, and Mythology; and so on).

About prefix tags:

The prefix tags are based on the onetime child boards. Just as you would once have chosen which child board to post in based on topic, you choose a prefix tag – from the dropdown menu in the very first line above the reply box, ‘Select prefix’ – the same way. If something fits into more than one prefix topic, choose the one it’s most strongly related to (f’ex, ‘electric universe’ proponents posit organized and intentional efforts to suppress research into alternatives to gravity [conspiracy theory, and sometimes historical revisionism], but EU is primarily pseudoscience and posts about it should be given that prefix).

Alternative and Revisionist Histories: Discussion of alternative histories such as those involving Atlantis and Mu, ancients astronauts, or super Indus Valley civilizations as well as revisionist histories of known events.

Conspiracy Theories: The Illuminati, JFK assassination conspiracies, UFO coverup, secret alien invasions, fake moon landings, mind control satellites and other conspiracy theories.

Pseudoscience: Perpetual motion machines, interpretations of quantum mechanics by people who can’t even do the math, orgone energy, Special Creation, hollow Earth, and other ideas that want to be science.

Unclassifiable Weirdness: This is a new category, and is for ‘Twilight Zone’-level weirdness that doesn’t fit any of the other prefix tags.

TC Forum Staff

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