Incense Offerings

incense photoSo I was wondering what types of incense offerings people here like to use.

I do not have a particular kind I use as long as I think it has a nice scent. I do not have a lot of money either. Usually I have used incense sticks, but in my rituals there are two places to offer incense and it can be a hassle because I do not need it to be burning the entire time in between.

I just need to waft a little incense and that is it. With the sticks I either have to light it and then put it right out, and it can be sort of messy with the ashes and distracting, or let it burn, and then I might have to use two sticks to make both the offerings.

I have thought about purchasing one of those incense burners used in the church to swing over my altar or table, but I haven’t decided yet. I do not have any experience with it.