In Defense of “Unverified Personal Gnosis”

There’s a pretty good* article up on The Wild Hunt, In Defense of “Unverified Personal Gnosis”, that I thought folks here might be interested in (not least because, IIRC, TC is where the term was coined), and perhaps discuss – either, or both, the article itself, or the questions it asks about the role of UPG and where (if anywhere) and why to ‘draw the line’.

Do you make use of UPG in any form? Why/why not? What kind of limitations or restrictions do you think it should be subject to?


(*Aside from speaking of Neopaganism as if it were a single religion, particularly noticeable when the comparison to early Christianity is drawn – it doesn’t render that comparison invalid, and is peripheral to the main subject matter of the article, so it doesn’t inherently detract from the article’s pretty-goodness about UPG.)

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