Ideas for Solstice

Hi everyone!

It was roughly a year ago that I joined the cauldron. At the time, I identified as a lifelong Christian who was seriously struggling to reconcile with the claims of Christianity. I was wondering if the Paganism umbrella might be a better fit for me. I began exploring and practicing and celebrated my first solstice, privately, in my own way; while still participating in my family’s Christian celebrations.

This year has been amazing. I have done some light reading about a few Neopagan traditions, but mostly I’ve just allowed myself the freedom to express my spirituality in what ever way felt right (an amazing freedom I had never experienced until this year!).

My husband is now doing the same, which is unexpected and interesting. We now find ourselves without many holiday traditions that still fit. We will continue celebrating with our families and feel comfortable navigating that, but want to find some new traditions for just us to celebrate Solstice. Any book or website recommendations with ideas that are meaningful but not super religious in nature (since we don’t belong to any religious tradition currently)?

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