How To Report Issues From Discord

If you see something in the Discord chat for the Cauldron that is in violation of either the board rules or the specific rules of the Discord, follow these steps to notify staff:

Select ‘report to moderator’ on this post (this should be in the bottom right).

In the text box that appears, provide a summary of the problem, just as you would if you were reporting a post on the forum.  Unlike a forum post, however, you must provide a link to the comment in the chat so that we can find it for review.

To obtain that link (either on the web or in the Discord client): hover your mouse over the message in question until the “…” appears on the top right.  Click the “…” and select ‘Copy Message Link’.  Paste the resulting link into your report.

Once you submit your report, we will be able to proceed with appropriate staff evaluation and intervention, just like we would for comments on the board proper.

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