How do you learn?

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This is especially directed to those who aren’t part of covens or groups that help with education. How do you learn? Just books? Experimentation? Something else?

I grew up in church. Everyone around me already knew what to do so I absorbed it by watching. I’ve always been a great book-learner but I’m finding it to be more difficult with paganism. There’s such a huge spectrum of beliefs and practices and I don’t even know where I fall on it, much less what reading material would be the most engaging and appropriate. I’d experiment but I’m running into the same problem there–either there’s a prescribed ritual involving lots of stuff I don’t have or know, or you need other people, or something like that.

I guess I really just need someone to talk to. I’m learning to meditate but that was actually unexpectedly challenging at first. Grounding and calling up energy really have me stumped. I feel like if I can’t figure out the first steps, how in the world am I going to progress? Nemetona keeps coming up in my studies and I feel a connection but I also feel as if I’m letting her down by not utilizing my sacred space to its fullest.

I’m finding that I have an interest in Celtic tradition. Herbs are nice, flourite is my friend, incense is simply beautiful, and I think something–spirits, the fae, I really don’t know–hangs around teasing me. Can anyone point me in a direction or give me ideas or at least tell me that it’s ok, that I’m just overthinking this? Finding a spiritual social circle would probably help a lot but we’re kinda Bible-belty around here and I’m afraid of putting myself out there and being found out by family.