How do You Judge Unverified Personal Gnosis?

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When dealing with Unverified Personal Gnosis(stuff about Pagan things that can’t be found in the lore) how do you go about sorting it out as “most likely in your head” and

“this might reflect external reality” when it is not super obvious.

Here is my situation. After about 15 years of silence Freyja is talking to me again. The message is simple and pretty clear. The short short version goes like this.

“I’m here. You don’t need to set up an altar. Wearing a Thor’s hammer would be a nice gesture. If you need spiritual strength when you are tempted with unethical things(especially in the arena of romantic loyalty), call on me and I’ll help you out without lien or obligation.”

I see this as “grey area” because while it isn’t obviously wrong Freyja as presented in the Eddas never seemed particularly interested in helping people keep their romantic commitments pure. Also, as I have read here the Germanic deities don’t seem to be interested in helping as much as wanting followers who don’t need that type of help at all. On the other hand the virtues in question are very much in line with keeping one’s word which IS very much in line with the virtues that the Germanic deities overall seem to hold dear.

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