How do you believe the universe was created? Do you believe in creator god(s)?

I’m interested in how you guys think the universe was created and whether you believe there was deity involved with it at all?
Also, if you could say what path you are that would be great.

My views:

I’m a medium- hard polytheistic, somewhat animistic witch but I don’t do much with the gods. I have shrines set up and I do acknowledge them but I don’t really involve them with my workings.

As far as I’m concerned about the creation of the universe, it was the big bang and all that jazz. No deity involved. I’m a bit unsure about where I believe the gods came from. I sort of have the belief that they came along with life when it started on this planet, whether they kick started that I don’t know or really care. I don’t really believe that they have much, if any, influence outside of the Earth’s atmosphere and I kind of think they sort of evolved with the Earth. (And for that case, for life on other planets, those planets have their own gods.)
I’m a bit wishy-washy about the whole thing because it’s not an important part of my beliefs or practises so I don’t really give it much thought. Bit like how I don’t really hold firm beliefs about what happens after death because I’m more concerned with the here and now.