How Do Gods Get Created?

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Assuming that deities exist, how did they get created? Did they always exist or was there a point in time where they didn’t exist? Are they created by humans or the other way around? What’s the difference between a God and a spirit? Finally, do you think that every single god/dess is an individual?

Here’s my take on it:

1.) Deities are thoughtforms/consciousnesses created by humanity by worship. However, it also seems possible that the gods were originally just land spirits that became more powerful the more humans worshipped them.

2.) The deities were created by humanity, so they didn’t exist before humans existed.

3.) Humans created them.

4.) I believe that there’s a sort of energy/consciousness that exists and that animistic spirits arise when this energy is combined with natural features like trees, plants and other things like that. I’m still figuring this one out. While deities arise due to human belief, these spirits arise naturally. However, they’re made of the same stuff.

5.) All deities are mostly individuals. However, since I view the deities as energy, I think that a lot of deities have energy of other deities in them. For example, Odin, Woden and Wodan are all different beings, but they all started out as the same energy that different cultures interpreted in different ways, which created different beings.

But those are just my beliefs. What do you think about deities?