Honoring Land Spirits

I’ve lived in this town for several years now and I’m curious about the spirits of the land that may be here. I’d like to make a respectful offering to them but I have some questions. (I’ve been reading other threads but I keep coming up with questions and I don’t want to derail people’s discussions.)

A) Who are they? How can I find out? Do I just make an offering and hope they accept it and never know who they may be? First Nations people lived here in the past. Would their land spirits still be here, or would they have followed the people when they left? Is it acceptable for someone not Native to make offerings to beings that may be Native?

Or would they be spirits of the spiritual beliefs that I am leaning towards and starting to learn about? Or would they just be beings of the land that grew organically in this place?

2) What kind of offerings are appropriate?

C) Do I say some sort of prayer? Meditate? Just say out loud what I’m doing?

I don’t want to do something wrong and offend a being. I tend to be horribly socially awkward as it is, I don’t need to add land spirits to my list of beings I can’t interact with without causing upset.