Hi! i’m new here

Hello everybody,

i am a girl from Denmark who accidentally came across wicca one day, and i read about it on a Danish website made by two women who know wicca and are a part of it.
I wanted to learn more and i read a english book translated to danish by scott cunningham and it was really good! i want to be a part of wicca, i have never been a religious person but i grew up in a generally danish home were i was baptized and confirmated in a christian church, so i guess i am a part of christianity.
But i found wicca so much more appealing.
My biggest problem is to find the things you are supposed to have and use for rituals, because not very many in denmark are witches and things like that are rare.

But, thats me! i hope you can help me with questions and that you all will welcome me into this awesome forum 😉

Sorry for any grammar fails or odd word use, i am from denmark and not that good at english xp

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