Hi, and a beginner’s question

Hi, I’m newly studying to join a Gardnerian coven in WA State. (I’m cismale, married, young kids, have not had any magickal practice my whole life and no religious affiliation for many years). Discovering the world of Wicca, paganism and magick in the last month or so has felt like a bit of a homecoming -many threads of belief and interest from my life are uniting now. I’ve been excitedly reading a lot of material in the last month. Both Traditional British wicca material and other types of magickal writing.

So I have cast circles solo a couple times, spoken politely to the four elements, and done meditation focusing on chakras and just “feeling the energy”, which I have done before, years ago. I can feel the energy,  which is exciting, and I want to work with it.

I am not sure if it’s my imagination but I think I am having more-than-normal fatigue in the last week or so and my question is: could this be due to my neophyte witchy practices? Did I do something bad ? Does energy work cause fatigue?

Thanks for reading and any thoughts. Happy to be here, I’ve already read lots on the forum and hope to learn lots more.

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