Hi all I’m Mea

Hi everyone,
I am and Italian hereditary who has woven quite a bit from other sects and teachings into my own personal belief system over my 40+ years in this lifetime. I lost my teachers at a young age, and was schooled Catholic. It did not go over well when I kept insisting if Mary was not God than they were at the least equals.
I kept her as my Goddess and I took the Saints with me too, but that’s about it. Although I openly admit to enjoying mass every once in a while, as much as it’s denied to me it is ceremonial magick and the place I first learned about ritual…such as circling with incense.
I stopped trying to define what system I fit into years ago and just take what speaks to my gut.

I really love learning about and from others and expanding my consciousness, I lurked for a just a few moments before seeing this might be a place I can fit in. I live a pretty solitary life in the mountains now (and relish in it tbh ) but I was born and raised in NYC.

My preferred method of divination is tarot, current fav deck is Tarot Mucha, I am a Leo with a Scorpio rising and my moon in Taurus. I love weaving with herbs and oils. I collect crystals and use them on my various altars but do not work with them as much as I would like/should/want. I am a strong believer in I am the only tool I need.

Looking forward to exchanging ideas and the like – I hope everyone has a magickal day.

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