My name is Rowan and I joined this forum yesterday on a whim. I discovered the forum while doing a bit of research and was surprised to learn that there is still at least one pagan community still using a forum. I’ve always loved forums so I thought I’d join. Also, I guess another reason why I decided to join is to have some added spiritual support as I make a major transition in my life.

I guess I would classify myself as a solitary witch with eclectic beliefs. I’ve been practicing for only about 14 years now as I was raised in the Southern Baptist Church. On the whole I don’t care much for Christianity because I am also a Lesbian and most don’t care for people like me. Having said that, though, I don’t go out of my way to speak ill of them. Also, one of my very dearest friends is a Christian who is open to the idea that there’s more to spirituality than her beliefs alone.

Born and raised on an island of eclecticism in the Deep South – I’ll leave you to figure out what I mean. Lol I’ve just come to realize recently that though I may live in the South, I am not a Southerner.

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