Helping someone with grief and anger

I’m not certain how to ask what I’m asking.

I am a complete beginner when it comes to these things, as my background is Christian. It turns out some of the things I’ve done my whole life apparently fall under the realm of “folk magic” but I certainly didn’t know our family traditions as that or call them as such.

My husband is going through a terrible time emotionally. He is struggling with grief, anger, and depression; understandably so after a terrible loss in his life.

Normally I would just say this grief is just something he needs to work through, but I’m concerned that he seems stuck. I have never seen him like this. Therapy did not help, so he stopped going. He is so very unhappy.

I’m praying for him every day during my morning ritual but I’m wondering if there is anything else I can do for him, energy wise, without crossing a boundary with his free will. Perhaps something as simple as preparing an herbal tea for him with specific intention (and if this is a good idea, can you help me understand how to fully use intention other than just wishing for it to help?). All ideas or thoughts are appreciated.

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