Help! Rituals with Kitties!

Gray kitten
(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Haha.. contrary to what it sounds like in the title, there’s no animal abuse going on.

I am a momma to not only a two year old but two fur baby cats as well (One being about 13 weeks old and the other being almost two). Well when trying to cast my circle and performing rituals, my kittens will not stop trying to play in the flames of my candles (the ones I have around the circle for the elements and helping show the circle). I don’t know what to do.

Are there any good candle alternatives for placing in the four corners? I am so scared my kitties will catch fire and I’m tired of having to pick up candle wax from them being knocked over.

(I have to perform my rituals inside in my living room as I don’t have a lot of privacy outside.)