Help identifying a Deity?

Jan 3: Ringtail Possum
Ringtail Possum (Photo credit: debtony)

So for the past month and a bit Ringtail Possums have been flocking to me, in the rain, in the heat, during the day and night; after asking around I found that this was possibly a sign of a Deity taking interest in me. After much G

oogling (and reading through terribly scanned documents) I discerned that there is only one Deity associated with possums, apparently the Mayan God Mam, however according to different sources this is either one God and a God of evil, or the name for one of three possible Gods.

I was wondering if anyone here had any knowledge of this or could point me in the right research direction? I know nothing of Mayan Gods as my faith has mainly centred around cultures I descend from.