Hello everyone.

Hello everyone,

My name is Dern. I found my way to this forum when a renewed interest in my spirituality reared it’s head and made me curious to discover and connect to it again. In terms of my personal beliefs, I can’t offer a precise description of what they are or how I experience them. It is deeply personal to me, but I can say that I’ve have always felt a great attraction to such things as nature, mystery, imagination and ecstasy. So naturally these things figure heavily in the construction of my spiritual beliefs and to my understanding of the reality I live in.

I guess I came here because of the recent emphasis on my inner self I have been experiencing as of late. The word most apt to describe me at this moment is ‘seeker’. This I am in all ways. Here I hope to encounter like minded people and experience and share a broadening of my horizon through discussion and debate about the elusive business we understand as spirituality.

In perhaps a less cerebral way: I enjoy reading about history and myth, I love being outside and I dabble in partying hard. I also have a wonderful cat (even though not everyone who meets him would agree with that description).

I’m excited to start reading this forum and to meet the interesting souls sure to be found here.


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