hello, can you help me with a religion who fit me?


To  present myself i’am french man raised in a non pratiquant family.
I have never been that much interest by religion.

With years and maturity :) I wonder if there isn’t a religion who will fit me.
I think that paganism will be the closest from what i’am looking for. But as there are many different paganism i’am seeking your help.

Well, my values and the point i want to find in the religion:
* I beleive in freedom, people should have the right do to what they want as long as they d’ont hurt someone else. It includes homosexuality and drinking alcool.
* respect of nature
* work and creating is a positiv stuff
* I don’t beleive in universalim and the “no borders” “we are all the same” motto. the religion must not contradict patriotism or nationalism or impose immigration.
* I don’t beleive in anthropomorphic deity.

So am i in the right place?

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