Hello! I’m Quill. I’m 25 from the southern US, raised southern Baptist and currently questioning my belief system. I’ve always had a passing interest in paganism (I’d only heard of Wicca before lurking on this forum for the past few days) and I’m somewhat drawn back to it now, though some lingering fear/guilt is holding me back. I’ll probably make a longer post on it in a more fitting subforum, but wanted to post a quick introduction first.

I like knitting and crochet, video games, reading, and writing. I love rock and metal music – Ghost, Tool, Rammstein, and System of a Down are a few of my favorite bands. I’m in the process of an associates in an IT field. I’m also really bad at talking about myself! :P

Nice to meet you all and hope to get to know you better in the coming days!

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