Hello everyone!)
My name is Di (Dima). I am 29 years. I from Russia.
My family always associated with magic and healing. My greatgrandmother was forest witch and healer and great-grandfather – was village healer from Poland. My granny told me how to perform spiritual healing by spell-praying. My father is medical doctor by his speciality and also work in fields of oriental medicine, sujok, energy-healing, reiki, aura and chakras healing, runes, spiritual practices, diagnostics of human health, both physical and energy-diagnostics and more.
Together with my father we love to looking for, to find and investigate sacred places of magical or healing power. Some of them absolutely unknown, located in the forest. Studying qualitiy and quantity of energies, it biocompatibility and usfulness for health.
I work mostly in science field: biology with relation to medical biology. Also interesting and trying to learn from many other field: Christianity, pagan, witch and witchcraft, reiki and energy healing, stone therapy e.c. Mostly interesting in those things that may be effective and work for more healthy life, more longer life (longevity), rejuvenation and various things that improves different aspects of human and animal life. This may be: spells, energy cleaning, energies from different places of magical power, magical simbols, spiritual practices, help from or power of saint people, saint places or relics, power of pagan sacred places, spirits and gods, druids, healers and e.c.
Our investigations we use to revive forgotten or to create new or to modify known methods of healing or spiritual practices or to create healing artifacts.
Sorry for my English))

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