My great aunt started reading me Bible stories rather young.  I was in a bad car accident one month before I turned four.  I had a near death experience.  I met a God who played Jesus just for me.  And I met a Goddess who gave me a chance to ask a new soul to be my second daughter.  I was supposed to learn and worship her as well at some point in my life.  Well, my second daughter is 17 and she always prays to the Goddess.  But we were bad Christian who didn’t read the Bible much, never went to Church, and have shopping to do on Sunday.  She is getting the Wiccan books I picked up for her for Xmas.  She writes poems beautifully, I told her it never hurts to ask nicely.  But we like a solitary secular type of thing.  I can heal.  My daughters have received the gift but not honed it yet.  It was after I found they could accept the gift that I began getting things like pendulums and cards and stones for them.  We all take meds for bipolar disorder and have for years.  I manage just fine on the meds I am on.  They don’t hamper me as far as I can tell.  My children don’t seem hampered either, just very green.  I really didn’t take to the regular tarot cards and I am using the Dreams of Gaia deck.  I love the cards and kinda want to know the stories behind the images.  Also maybe figuring out how to use it with different spreads where the reading isn’t all spirit work.

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