Guns and religion in America

I found this article, and reading it really made me think. It’s a few months old at this point, but still highly relevant:

I’m a gun owner and advocate myself, (though I trend left on most other issues), and I’ve never considered that some people have a harder time owning guns than others.

Being the naive, blissfully ignorant person I am, I simply took gun rights groups at their word when they said they supported the Second Amendment. Never once did I ask “Do these guys support guns for Muslims? Gays? Blacks? Women? Or just for themselves.” Instead I assumed, because they talk about freedom and liberty, and use that rhetoric, that they actually put those ideas into practice.

If the linked article is anything to go by, many of them don’t. Apparently, conservative, gun owning, Second Amendment supporting, molon labe shouting Muslims aren’t very welcome among conservative, gun owning, molon labe shouting Americans.

Frankly, I’m never going to look at a shooting range the same way again. I mean, I guess I’m just lucky I’ve never openly expressed my religion at the range! I wonder what would happen if I showed up with a bindi and turban? Yikes. Very off-putting read.


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